Vivs Takahashi
Marcelo Kaczorowsky
Florian Mathes


Vivs and Marcelo have both enjoyed playing and singing in many different bands through their lives but they have always met the challenge of finding musicians with the objective of making their own music and working hard on one project.

In 2014 they got married and started supporting each other's dreams even harder. When finally, in 2017 they decided to leave all their music projects behind to work together in one single goal. And so, FlowerLeaf was born. 

With the support of family, friends and a great team of pros, everyone is now able to see, hear and enjoy the outcome.

In April 2018, they released their first single “Firesoul” that was very well received by the public. But it was with their second single “Girl in Pearls”, released in July 2018 along with a music video that they started to get in the spotlight. 

FlowerLeaf's debut album “Stronger” was released in November/2018. The album contains 10 tracks, including ‘Firesoul’ and ‘Girl in Pearls’ and it also features two great singers, Mylena Monaco and Marina La Torraca.

Born in Brazil but now based in Germany, in less than one year of moving to the old continent, FlowerLeaf was joined by Florian Mathes and together they already played on their own tour and festivals.

FlowerLeaf bassist (Marcelo Kaczorowsky) and singer (Vivs Takahashi)